Saturday, August 18, 2007

High School Musical & School registration

So finally registration day comes and it makes me Realize that i am not so excited for school. Yea the whole idea of Friends And fun is wonderful... but when you put words like Biology and Algebra 2 and Concurrent Enrollment... The Fun fades into the background!

Last night was the world premiere of High School Musical 2. Of course my whole family watched it... the cheesiest... horrific movie ever. My dearest friend Lou Decided that it gives kids a false hope of what high school is really like... In the movie All the Cliques join together to form one happy non-bratty un-judgemental false impersonation of a high school. But in the real thing.... It is a whole different story. The opposite actually. Cliques are in their own parallel universes that never touch or talk to one another unless forced by teachers ore if one daring individual just happens to be friends with the Preps and the Mexi's Not a likely match

Moral of the story is.. Prepare your children to be let down by high school