Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, it's been forever and a day since we last blogged! We've had lots of adventures while we've been gone! We went to the duck races, such a disappointment, Soccer game, concerts, playing with our cute little buddies, Leilani and Ari, and enjoying the sweetest puppy in the world!

First... let me just show you this adorable puppy. seriously. look at her face! have you ever seen a cuter puppy in all your days? Tater is such a good puppy for the most part, but she has some attitude! Her personality is so sweet and sassy, it's hard not to fall in love with her!

We went to the Duck Races in Deming, New Mexico. It was kind of a waste of time, well okay. a GIANT waste of time, but I got some good pictures out of it! Zo, Leilani, Tater and I set out on the 45 minute journey to Deming. We stopped at the cutest, most random truck stop in all of new mexico. It's a little place called Akeelah. So random.

Here is the getting ready to go shots! Poor Tater had a bath and she fell back asleep wrapped in her towel next to her daddy! (Mock all you want, she's our baby! This is where we are in our life... so love it!)

IN the car Ready to GO! She refused to believe they were on upside down. Too cute!

We took advantage of the photo-op!

The short time we were at the duck races, we saw a ridiculous sign (excuse the language, but it's funny and you know it!) and Leilani and I went on the slowest horse ride that ever lived. She was literally falling asleep.

After we figured out that the duck races were just a waste of time, we headed back to las cruces and went to a miserably hot afternoon soccer game. Leilani and I were on the same page as far as interest goes. Leilani distracted herself from the boring game by making a mess with popsicles, eating nachos and playing with an umbrella.

We also went to the Whole Enchilada Festival and saw the Los Lonely Boys (You know them. They sing the song "How far is Heaven") and met our new little best buddy, Ari!

And the highlight of my october! LAS VEGAS with my Mother and Jayden and Jamahl and Emma!

The most awesome towel art EVER! Elephant.

And the reason for all this Vegas Madness!! My Mothers BIRTHDAY!!!! Thank you SO MUCH TJ for arranging for us to go to the always delicious Melting Pot!

The rest of our vegas trip was just wonderful! We went to the Strip and saw all the wonders that Vegas has to offer! It was such an amazing trip, and I FINALLY got to go on the New York New York roller coaster! TWICE! If was not long enough by any means! but it was so good to see my family for even just 5 days!

Last thing! We went to a Dog Park Costume Party! Which tater placed 2nd in!

Well, that's all my pictures for now! I will post Halloween pictures soon!