Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 5 things that are making me angry at this very moment.

Okay so people just make me angry at times so i've decided to give a FAIR list of things that are guaranteed to get at least one of your knee caps shattered.

1.Unnecessary repeating. Okay FIRST of all you are just wasting your time and more importantly the poor unfortunate souls that have to listen to you ramble.Conversations like this "Well i have to go pick up my kids from the day care because they are done at the daycare because they are done at the daycare so i have to pick them up from the daycare. And then i have to go to the store with my kids who i picked up from day care because they were done. Then i have to go put my baby to bed because she is tired from being at daycare all day, where i picked her up, and also going to the store..." You know who you are. You have been warned. Stop it.

2.Arrogant Singing. This is when someone, who is not very good at singing, believes the exact opposite, which is of course that they are amazing, and so consequently they decide to sing all the time. ALLLLLLL the time. They are somehow completely oblivious to the fact that their voice is cracking and they sound like a dying chicken. Don't do that anymore.

3. "That's what she said" jokes. Sometimes very funny. Kit, you win. For everyone else who thinks it's funny to say "that's what she said" after ever thing you or anyone else says, well it's not. I will break your knees so you cannot magically pop into every conversation being had all over the entire world and say "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" and then laugh so had you don't realize that you are the only one laughing.

4.Baby talk. If anyone says "goochy goochy goo" to my kid will never speak again. Yeah you can talk to it in a sweet voice but do not ever make the mistake that babies are stupid. Talk to them normally and then maybe we can skip the 5 years of their lives when only 47% of what they say is understandable. Also stop asking/telling the parents to do things through their baby. like this "oh you are really cold huh? we should ask mommy to put your hat on!" if you have something to say about the warmth of my child's head tell me directly. The baby isn't going to pass on the message because YOU keep speaking baby talk at it. way to go.

5. Wearing the wrong shade of make up. Okay the perpetrator shall go un-named but you know who you are. Just because you would like be very very pale, like snow white, does not under ANY circumstance make it true. So stop lying to your self and buy the right color of make up!!! It's really not rocket science.

also i have to put this video on. :D