Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our first few weeks!

A few pictures from our first adventures in New Mexico!

Our ONLY Picture from the road trip... Our car was tightly packed and somehow after this picture, the camera found it's way behind the drivers seat and was never found again... until after the trip of course!


The Cutest cookbook holder ever!

Shoot... Didn't turn out so well...

Fancy Fruit Punch!

Sucessfull Pizza!!! Our Fair Lady!!

This... This is our sweet puppy Lady... If she is good at anything... it's causing us grief! and making us love her more and more everyday!! Lady got herself wrapped around a pole... oh lady. She has learned that when she wraps herself around the pole like this, She can slip out of her harness....

And do this...
Victim One...

And Victim two

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're Back!! (Part 2)

Sighh..... Where did i leave off!

We went to the Bean Museum with all of the Family!

We figured out that we need a child in order to not look rigiculous when posing with elephants

and... Megan did this....

Zo and i took the kids to dinner.... and this happened....

And this... Yes they are on the roof of our car...

Finally! A Civilized-ish Dinner!

Emma Had a WONDERFUL Dance recital . She was the Cutest Bunny on the block!

So fun!!! I'll post pictures of the new homefront soon!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're back!!! (Part One!)

It's been a crazy few months! Some of the big highlights?
Turned 18! (and got a camera to document all the new adventures i'll be having!) Married (May 27, Oh my!)
Graduated (May 29, With Honors My friend!)
Moved! (All the way away from my family with my loving husband to a tiny, wonderful, OUR house in Las Cruces,New Mexico)

Now... To recap the last few months... The VERY first picture i took with my new camera!

Jayden, Emily and Alison (Cute little neighbor girls!)

We had to make MILLIONS of tissue flowers for the wedding, so my mom came up with this brilliant idea to have a tissue flower making party! We got all of them done, too! Thanks again to everyone who helped!

Megan working so hard!

My Mom and Megan's sweet baby Wyatt (Born March 14th)

Everyone's HARD work!

Zo came up to Utah for the first time in April! It was just fantastic, i also had my bridal shower that week!

We went to Brick Oven with ALL of my family!

Zo and Emma (CUTE!!!)
Cute Jamahl!!

Zo and I also took Jayden, Jamahl and Emma Mini Golfing!


A very RARE but great brother/sister moment!

We went on a date ro the always delicious Melting Pot!

Zo BEFORE eating a spicy peice of chicken...

...AND Zo After!

We Celebrated Emma's 6th birthday! We had a great party!

Such a cute table! I did it!
Oh Princess!

Happy Birthday Emma Afia!

Zo and I ALSO took Jamahl on a Bowling Date!

This took ALOT of planning!

What Happened??

Thomas James!!