Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our first few weeks!

A few pictures from our first adventures in New Mexico!

Our ONLY Picture from the road trip... Our car was tightly packed and somehow after this picture, the camera found it's way behind the drivers seat and was never found again... until after the trip of course!


The Cutest cookbook holder ever!

Shoot... Didn't turn out so well...

Fancy Fruit Punch!

Sucessfull Pizza!!! Our Fair Lady!!

This... This is our sweet puppy Lady... If she is good at anything... it's causing us grief! and making us love her more and more everyday!! Lady got herself wrapped around a pole... oh lady. She has learned that when she wraps herself around the pole like this, She can slip out of her harness....

And do this...
Victim One...

And Victim two



Kelly said...

Ha! Love the videos! Take more inside your house...I want to see where you are! xxoo.

Rae said...

Now that I have found your blog it will be fun to follow your life! Keep posting the pics oh married lady granddaughter of mine! Do you put 2 d's in granddaughter?