Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're back!!! (Part One!)

It's been a crazy few months! Some of the big highlights?
Turned 18! (and got a camera to document all the new adventures i'll be having!) Married (May 27, Oh my!)
Graduated (May 29, With Honors My friend!)
Moved! (All the way away from my family with my loving husband to a tiny, wonderful, OUR house in Las Cruces,New Mexico)

Now... To recap the last few months... The VERY first picture i took with my new camera!

Jayden, Emily and Alison (Cute little neighbor girls!)

We had to make MILLIONS of tissue flowers for the wedding, so my mom came up with this brilliant idea to have a tissue flower making party! We got all of them done, too! Thanks again to everyone who helped!

Megan working so hard!

My Mom and Megan's sweet baby Wyatt (Born March 14th)

Everyone's HARD work!

Zo came up to Utah for the first time in April! It was just fantastic, i also had my bridal shower that week!

We went to Brick Oven with ALL of my family!

Zo and Emma (CUTE!!!)
Cute Jamahl!!

Zo and I also took Jayden, Jamahl and Emma Mini Golfing!


A very RARE but great brother/sister moment!

We went on a date ro the always delicious Melting Pot!

Zo BEFORE eating a spicy peice of chicken...

...AND Zo After!

We Celebrated Emma's 6th birthday! We had a great party!

Such a cute table! I did it!
Oh Princess!

Happy Birthday Emma Afia!

Zo and I ALSO took Jamahl on a Bowling Date!

This took ALOT of planning!

What Happened??

Thomas James!!



Kelly said...

Lexa! So fun to see these pics! Oh, and I haven't seen a single wedding photo yet...do you have any? I guess I have to wait for Part two! Oh, and I want to see photos of your new house...is that Part 3? How was your trip down??? So many questions...maybe I should just call you! Love you so much...xxoo...

Lexie said...

You should call me!!! I don't have wedding pics yet :( but as soon as i have them they will be on here!! Part two will be soon :) it's more pictures from my camera and some pictures from the road trip!! I have Before pictures of my disgusting disater house with all of our crap EVERYWHERE! I'll put pictures of it on when i have After pictures lol. I'm too ashamed right now! I love you! Kiss your Kidlets!

Rae said...

This is so fun to see all your pictures! I can't wait to come there and see where you are calling home! I wish we were there to help you organize! It is not the easiest thing to do! Sure love you and miss you! It was so darn cold and rainy today - it was a miracle we had the Orem Days parade and fireworks! We were wrapped in blankets most of the night...Ridiculous! Your gma misses you!