Saturday, August 18, 2007

My 9 Names

This was bouncing around and it made me smile :D

1. YOUR REAL Name:

Alexis Eakett

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME:(first 3 letters of real name plus izzle.)


3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME:(fav color and fav animal)

Pink Llama

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME:(your middle name and the street you live on)

Lexie Center

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)


6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME:(Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink).

Red Tab7

. YOUR IRAQI NAME:(2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, 3rd letter of you dads middle name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, and last letter of your moms middle name)


8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(parents middle names)


9. YOUR GOTH NAME:(black, and the name of one of your pets)

Black Skippi

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Lexie said...

Kelly Says...

Love this! Love you even more! I'm glad you're finding ways to entertain yourself. Can't wait to be in Utah, and you can entertain yourself watching Tycie!