Saturday, August 18, 2007


SO this summer has been absolute torture!!! It started out good.... A 5 day trip to Boston... that's how good. i got back from that trip on May 28th and on my 29th i had surgery. Not just a quick healing no pain involved surgery... Noooo that would be to easy. The doctors BROKE my right femur and inserted a metal rod into it. Lovely Eh? well so that went fine i just kind of hobbled along.... but the torture didn't stop there OHHHH NOOO they couldn't just break 1 Femur --which by the way is THE most painful bone in the body to break-- they had to do the other one so here i sit.... 2 broken femurs pouring my soul out to you. I have NEVER been in more pain then these surgery's have put me in!!! AHHH this is so unfair!!!

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Lexie said...

Kelly Says

Poor Lexa...I really do feel for you! I saw you recover (slooooowly) from operation #1, and I can't even imagine how much worse #2 has been (still is, actually!) But, I'm proud of you for being one TOUGH girlie. Love you!