Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yea so.. i am sorry that i caused alarm in everyone.. i have this minor inconvenience called 'clinical depression' and i once had the FABULOUS gift called numbness... and it made life bearable.. then i lost it.. and had to own up to my emotions and define my problems... and it was not a fun thing to do.. i felt completly alone... but then... i fixed it.. and my that i mean i am less miserable lol. It might be more difficult for me... but i can do it. Let me share with you this spill on my life :)

1. I have AMAZInG friends... they are a little bit crazy and sometimes a liability ( like my friend merin.. she is soooo smart but is SOO lazy i want to hit her! if its the last thing i do.. she will graduate from high school with the class of 2010! which means i have to help her make up her whole ninth grade year and the ferst 3 quarters of this year lol)

2. doing amazingly in school, if i do say so myself. i have gotten my grades up from a 3.5 to a 3.6!! i know thats not that big of a difference... but its up! by graduation... i should have it up to a 3.8 or 3.9!! i will be able to get SCHOLARSHIPS!! that would be handy.

3. i am happy with my self... well thats a lie.. but i am happy with the progress myself is making! i am pretty on my way to a more healthy (and by that i mean beautiful lol) lexie with less broken parts :)

4. I have a significan other who is quite significant if i say so myself.

There is my spill... notice how i never said that i was not depressed... i am just less so. :)

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Kass Martin said...

Glad to hear it girl. I love you and think you are adorable. Smile, be happy, you deserve it.