Thursday, March 20, 2008


Oh my GOODNESS!!! so my party in in 15 days!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! only one more thing....

THE most important aspect of the WHOLE party...

THE thing that will make or break my day!!

the GOD of ALL parties...

the outfit.

No.. that wasn't dramatic at all... It really is that important... SOOOO Lou and Merin and i are goin SHOPPING!!!

I am pretty excited!! any suggestions on what i should wear?????? I have to look better then everyone else!! or else everyone has to wear paper bags or rags or something..

Oh and also... i got into UCAS... a new school.. it will be like 2 years of ACT SAT prep... WISH ME LUCK!!

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Kelly said...

I wouldn't dare give you a suggestion on what to wear...I'll just give you lots of compliments on what you choose! Can't wait to hear more about the new school. Will you start in the fall? Love you!