Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So basically... the fact that no one comments makes me quite angry. SO now, i will do it for me, so there *stick tounge out in a very mature way*

*Cue rant*
So i found out yesterday that i am getting a new eye. Yeah.. it comes from an eye bank!! AN EYE BANK!! No it exists, i know, i doubted it myself for a minute, but alas it is the truth. I felt it in my gut.. anyways, so yeah. they take a eye from the Eye bank, it exists wierd i know. But they take that eye, and they put it in mine!!! so crazy!! Yuck.

Okay well i should probably go to class... if you read this and you don't comment, and believe me i will know... i will send something to haunt you. and it will be scary.

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Kelly said...

Really, REALLY weird, Lex...just one more twist to your...hmmm...colorful medical history! Weird stuff...great story to tell, though! I've personally never known anyone sportin' somebody else's eye!