Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Senior-itis.... Sophmore style!

Sooo.. have you ever noticed how difficult it is to start a habbit.. but breaking them takes all of about an hour? WHY? It seems sooo backwards! crazy! So you know.. i was doing great in school... and them WHAM!! i gots a classic case of... DUN DUN DUUUN!!! Senior-Itis!

Sooo... yea... i am WAY behind in my classes. Too, it hasen't helped that i have kind of hit a bit of a road bump. I am working on it! really i am!

ALSO!! i have a bit of a debate going..when is it too young to get married?? Lets say.. 16?? too yong??

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Meg & T.J. said...

16 is way too young!!! I love you lexa!

Kass Martin said...

don't even think about. I won't have it! :( It was fun hanging with you the other day at the party. I was glad you were there. You looked really pretty and skinny too.