Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh the rage!! Oh the HORROR!!!

Okay so, I am taking a history seminar class, cool right? Well we are talking about radical movements of the 19th century, and we are currently on feminism. Now, all you women of the late 1800's, thanks for making it possible to be able to vote, all you women of the 1960's thanks for.. umm.. burning bras and attempting equal pay. I am not against those kind of feminists, you know the ones that belive in a cause and arent just being stupid about it. Like the 'feminists' in my school. They are just High and Mighty individuals that think they are better then the rest of us and i t pisses me off!

"I'm gonna go work, my kids can go to day care! or my husband can stay home, i don't care!" Yeah.. You are a bad person. If you have to work, fine. But if you can, only work part time, your kids need a mom.

"I am not doing all of the house work! Ew!! if my husband wants a clean house, He can do it!" Yeah.. you fail. so bad. Get off your lazy butt. because that is all you are, lazy. not devoted, not self sacrificing *sob* LAZY.

"Don't open the door for me! i have 2 arms!" God. I hate you. He can open the flippin door if he wants to, if you weren't prideful, you wouldn't care!! But alas, you are indeed.

"Don't touch that! I can reach it my self!! *Jump, Jump* I can DO it!! *go and gets a chair* Shut up * jump jump* I don't need it anyways." You are a terrible person do you know that? JUST because he is asking to help you, because he is taller, is NOT reason to get upset. Fail. F.

Now, i am pretty traditional, if i can, i will be full time stay at home mom until my last is in 1st grade. I will do the house work, i will make the meals etc. and not because i am lowering myself to "serve" my husband, but because that job is more important to me then any other outside job.

So for all you feminists that are actually feminist for a reason other then stupidity, Go you. Rock on. For the rest of you... Stop that. Right now.


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Kelly said...

I hear you, Linda. I let Anno, open the door, pour the wine, etc... I also like being in charge of the cooking and cleaning, although Anno does his fair share, too. I guess I'm kind of a feminist, but mostly a realist. If I could have made more money than Anno, I probably would be out working, and he would be at home. We make our decisions based on what's best for our family and who is better/or likes to do certain tasks. Like you, I also have VERY little patience for feminists who go to war just for the sake of warring (is that a word?) Back in the day I would have marched for the vote or burned my bra for equality, but it will take THOSE klnd of issues to get me up and vocal. Doors and housework...please!! p.s. Sorry for the long comment!

Kelly said...

p.p.s I LOVE reading your posts...wish they'd come up more often!