Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a few Pictres!

Well, we're nearing the end of August and SO muh has changed! Zo startd school last week, he's got a busy schedule but he's loving it! Tater and I are walking to pick him up from class and it's just been so much fun! I start Medical Assisting School on September 7th, VERY excited about that! Other then that, Things are good! Definately missing Utah (Looking forward to an October visit from My Mom and the Kids... wink wink) Can't wait to be up there in december for Christmas!

We've had some beautiful rainstorms with some BEAUTIFUL rainbows! But if you ask tater she may disagree. She hates the rain! She tends to just....

....hide. Poor baby!

Zo and I ran into a store, Literally were gone for about 10 minutes and we came out to find This! Poor Baby!

And Some Videos for Fun :)


Rae said...

How fun to see your pics and hear your voice! Tater is adorable...was she tormenting her ?Would she be her aunt dog??? Miss ya all!

Lexie said...

She does bully Puppy! It's really funny, the second she realizes she's bigger then another dog, she starts bulling them! I think Puppy is her aunt... i don't know they don't really get along that great! I love you too! talk to you soon!