Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Picture Time!!

Well, We've had a very exciting few days, emma and i! My mother-dear (Who still hasn't called me to confirm they are still living...) and my brothers and Grandma and Papa are ALL out of town.. so it's a girls week! We kicked it off on tuesday with an inturupted mini golf trip! Interupted by what you ask?? THISSS

MOWGLI THE PUPPY!!!! Yeah... I've wanted a dog for going on forever... and by that i mean like a year. So when free puppies were being offered to the first people they saw at Walkers... I TOOK IT!! LOOK AT HIM!!!

And then there's my blue eyed ellie!!

AND THEN... Then there was THIS...


Aladdin and Jasmine were there!!

Ariel Came!

The Blue Farie of Awesomeness led us throught the magical land of princesses!

We bounced our Way to Never Never land!

Repunzel let down her BEAUTIFUL hair!!

Even the evil stepsisters showed up!

We Tea partied it up with the mad hatter and alice!!

We danced with Sleeping Beauty!!

We rode princess style on a BEAUTIFUL horse!

We even met Prince Phillip!!

We sat in an enchanted carriage!!

And at the end of the day... we even had time to defeat the evil witch! All it a days work!


Kelly said...

So fun, Lexa! Wonder what your Mom is going to say! Miss you so much! Wish we could have gone to the princess festival! Good find!

Rae said...

How fun Lex! THanks for taking such good care of Emma while we were gone! I want to go to the princess festival next year! These are such great pics!
I can't wait to sit and play with the critters! How are they both? You are an amazing and beautiful grandbaby!
Your grandma loves you!